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TechAByte Solution's Epic Technical Support staff works hard to provide a high level of support, and as such, we have a number of practices in place to provide quick communication and resolution to customers' issues. One of these practices is to make sure that each distinct issue has its own unique ticket. So, address only one issue in one ticket. If you have more then one issue that needs our Technical Support staff's assistance, please open a separate ticket for each of your issues. Do not open multiple tickets for a single issue, as it'll not accelerate your issue, rather our system detects such operation as spamming and it'll be delayed to resolve the issue that you are might having. All of the tickets will be address momentarily, as per the nature/pattern of issues you might be facing. Important note: All our contact numbers are for sales assistance only. In order to increase efficiency, TechAByte Solutions does not provide a telephone contact method for TECHNICAL SUPPORT without emergency. Based on the nature of problems had by our customers, it is much more effective and faster for issues to be handled via email/ticket rather than over the phone.

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