• Thursday, July 22, 2021

Great news everyone.  
We are adding more powerful AMD Ryzen Servers to our BDIX Kloud. 

Due to Server Upgradation, our BDIX Kloud Server will be Zero DownTime. 
Only our clients with Starter Linux Packages will be affect with DNS propagation. 

Our migration team will follow up on the full migration process thus no further actions will not be required from your end. But point to be noted once the server migration process is completed user may face difficulties for 24-72hrs due to the DNS propagation.

If you are using our DNS you do not have to change anything. If you are using custom dns you have to point to our IP. 

All of our other server is okay & running. 

For live update please follow the link: 
or, login to your account: 

For any technical help, create a ticket: 

Thank you. 
TechAByte Solutions